Hydrotherm massage

Hydrotherm massage is a unique massage experience. Imagine that you are floating on a bed of warm water. Lying on two large warm water cushions, you remain face up throughout the entire treatment; therefore the disruption of turning over halfway through your treatment is avoided.

The hydrotherm massage involves a unique three-dimensional massage technique. This system enables me to slide my hands under, over and around your body. The movement is continuous and uninterrupted.

The hydrotherm massage is perfect if you are physically challenged, feel discomfort or just prefer not lying face down.

During your hydrotherm massage session there is nothing for you to do apart from breathe, enjoy the warmth and the sense of total relaxation. The sensation of floating and the feeling of warmth envelops your entire body. To further add to your massage experience I use an aromatherapy blend of essential oils specifically tailored you .


• undisturbed treatment allows for total relaxation

• perfect for anyone who is unable to, or uncomfortable lying face down

• you will be warm from head to toe throughout your session

• relief from muscle tension and tightnes

• reduces stress and nervous tension

• treatment is enhanced with the use of essential oils


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