Hot Stone Fusion Massage

This luxurious and deeply relaxing massage is more than just the placement of warm stones onto your body. Hot stone fusion massage is the creative blend of massage with warm basalt stones, hands, and forearms.

From the first stroke of the warm stones you will feel your muscle tension and stress melting away. Using hot stones allows for a deeper massage without pain or discomfort. Some stones may be placed and tucked around your body, adding more warmth to certain areas, enabling the further release of tension and allowing your body to completely relax.

The use of cold stones is particularly beneficial for acute pain conditions. It decreases pain by producing an anesthetic effect. Also the use of alternating between cold and hot stones adds another dimension to your treatment. It pumps fresh blood to affected areas and reduces swelling. This massage is ideal for acute and chronic pain conditions and sports injuries.

Your hot stone fusion massage session is tailored to your needs. It can be purely for relaxation or a remedial session to address specific musculo-skeletal pain or injury conditions.


• penetrating heat warms the body

• induces a deeper level of relaxation

• allows for a deeper massage without pain or discomfort

• psychologically revitalising and uplifting

• can help with acute or chronic pain conditions


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