I have been seeing Grace for massage for almost 5 years bow and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. I usually have a deep tissue massage which is really therapeutic and relaxing. Recently I tried the hot stones massage which was superb, it was the most relaxing massage I have ever had and can highly recommend it. My advice is don’t think about booking with Grace JUST DO IT you will not be disappointed. She is very professional and carries out a whole range of different types of massage, there will be something to suite all. She will advise you on the right type of massage for you. I can’t recommend Grace highly enough.



I would strongly recommend Grace’s “Chavutti Thirumal”, a blissfully relaxing treatment.

Alan – Sports Massage Therapist


Grace has developed her own uniquely intuitive and deeply effective style of massage. She is highly trained and experienced in a variety of massage modalities and is a pain relief specialist.

Marisca – Health Advisor


I have been lucky enough to experience two of Grace’s therapies – aromatherapy and reflexology, and I have been very pleased with the results of both. She has a natural ability for making you feel very comfortable, explaining what she’s going to do, to put you at ease if you’re not familiar with the treatments. Grace is very skilled at what she does – I could literally feel the knots in my back dissolve as she worked on them. She is a highly experienced therapist, adept at making you feel so much better by the time you leave. I felt very relaxed – a great way to end the week.

Cheryl King – Career Change Coach


Hello Grace,

This is a quick email to say thank you for the massage last Friday and give you some brief feedback. I had a 1 hour massage and my daughter,15ys old, had a half hour massage.

We both had a wonderful experience. Massage has also been part of me looking after myself for over 30 yrs, and I must say the session with you was one of the best that I have had for years; very relaxing but at the same time it gave my energy. From daughter, who has also has had massages before, the session with you in her own words was ‘revitalising’ and lovely feeling. I tell you something the occasional massage I have allowed her to have when I have asked how she found the treatment she has always said ‘was alright’ so this time her response and expressions were positive.

Hope to have another very soon and will certainly promote your work among friends and colleagues.

warm regards
Magna and Nzinga


I work in a very demanding industry, with short turnarounds and sometimes long hours. A massage has always been my ‘go to’ for an immediate uplift of the spirit and mind. During the massage I felt in a world of my own. I’d never had warm stones used during a massage session before, but I loved it. I will definitely have the same treatment again. As always afterwards, I left very light and definitely more relaxed. If someone is thinking of booking a massage with Grace I would say – Go ahead. I do think every therapist is different, but Grace is definitely one of the great ones.



My reason for having a remedial massage was because I was diagnosed with Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ). Causing severe headaches, grinding of teeth in my sleep, tiredness, and chewing of inner cheek. Although painful in some areas I am relaxed and always fall a sleep during massage. I have a good nights sleep for approximately 3 nights. You are professional, and your pre and post consultations are thorough. Personally I like your techniques. The preparation and atmosphere in the room before you start each massage puts me in a relaxed mood. You definitely have that inner…………something, I cannot put it in words, perhaps it is “inner calm” Oh yes!! and your “hot hands”

Linda (Manager)


I had a Chavutti Thirumal massage with Grace of Natural Grace Therapies. The fluidity and continuity of the massage was very good. The pressure of the massage was stronger than with the hands but just as good. At the start of the massage I felt stressed and aching, during the massage I felt relaxed. I found this massage better than the normal one.

Edison (Company Director)