Therapeutic Massage

Massage is an instinctive human response; if we bump ourselves we instinctively rub the area to make the pain go away. This basic instinct has slowly developed over centuries into a sophisticated healing art and science.

One of the main causes of muscular tension is stress. Prolonged stress can produce solid knots in the muscles, which in turn can cause you pain and other problems. Working for long hours sitting at a computer and poor posture can also be the cause of muscle tension.

Massage is described as the restoration and maintenance of good health by manipulation of the body’s soft tissue. Therapeutic massage can relieve stress, muscular tension, aching joints, headaches, insomnia and stress related conditions. Regular therapeutic massage has a cumulative effect on the body and is excellent as a part of a healthy lifestyle regime.

Therapeutic massage is a fusion of classic Swedish massage and techniques from other massage disciplines. Each massage session is tailored to your needs and preferences, in terms of pressure and areas of the body to be massaged.


• eases muscle tension, tightness and stiffness

• can reduces muscular pain and headaches

• decreases stress and anxiety levels

• calms the mind

• can help you to sleep better


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