April Daily Blog Challenge – Day 30 – I’ve completed my blog challenge

Today is 30th April and marks the final day of my April Daily Blog Challenge. I made my challenge public by announcing it on twitter at the start of the month. Because of my public declaration and also mentioning it on my monthly e-newsletter I had to see this challenge through to the end.

Including this final blog post the statistics are 30 blog posts, over 15,400 words and 47 photographs.  I didn’t keep track of how many hours I’ve spent but I know that it has been quite a few!  When each post was written and ready on my website I would post a link on twitter directing my followers to my website to read it.

Like most challenges things do not always go according to plan. There were a few occasions when I wasn’t able to post my blog in time. Due to technical issues, being too tired, or out so not near a computer. I would however make up for this by posting two blogs in one day to ensure that things were still on track.

The aim of the challenge was to inform, educate and entertain readers about the world of massage and my business related activities.  I also wanted to remind google of the existence of my website so that potential clients will find my business when searching for treatments in my local area.

I had a few comments on the blog pages but the majority were spam and advertising that had no relevance to the topic of the article. I have the facility to approve or delete comments but I have decided to disable the comments feature (once I work out how).

Finding topics to blog about was easy. I have been using a notebook to write down topic ideas and writing a basic outline for each one. Some topics came from conversations that I have had previously with other therapists and others were things I wanted to just share with the readers.

On twitter I’ve had some nice comments and encouragement from fellow therapists. Some even said that I was an inspiration to them.  The particular articles which resonated with some of my twitter followers included the ones about the charity work that I do, how not to advertise massage and offering discounts.

The main thing that I have learnt from this challenge is that when we put our minds to doing something it is the first step in making things actually happen. If I had not set myself the challenge then the month would have passed and nothing would have been written.
I tended to post my blogs quite late at night so even though technically it was still the same day it would have been better for me to do my posts during the day.  Having a few articles written in advance would have enabled me to post my articles a lot earlier. Even though I posted my blog posts on twitter, I should have also used the social media sharing tools on my website in order to give readers the chance to share them on other social media platforms.

Although my April Blog Challenge has come to an end, it is not the end of my blog posts. It has been fun and I plan on posting at least one blog per week.  I  have no excuse not to commit to this.

Now that I have completed my challenge I will be treating myself to Afternoon Tea at One Aldwych in a few weeks time – yummy.

Thank you to all of you who took the time to read my articles and for your comments. Keep taking a look at my website for my future blog articles. Maybe you have a challenge that you are now motivated to make a proper start on.

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