April Blog Challenge – Day 28 – Foot relaxation exercises

Ankle rotations

To stretch and loosen the muscles of the feet and improve circulation to the ankles;  first circle the foot clockwise several times, then repeat the circle in an anticlockwise direction several times. As you draw a full circle in the air with your big toe, move your foot through all four directional movements. Now repeat on the other foot.


Toe raises

To strengthen the muscle in the bottom of the feet and the calf;  while standing, grasp the back of a chair for balance. Rise onto the balls of the feet, pause for a few seconds, and then lower the whole foot down. Repeat several times.

Seated toe stretches

To stretch the toes; rest your foot on your knee, grasp your big toe, pulling it gently and slowly to stretch the muscles at the bottom of the foot. Repeat on all the toes of both feet.

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