April Daily Blog Challenge – Day 27 – My massage therapy room

Here are some photos to show you how my massage therapy room is set up.

I display some of my certificates on the wall. They are my ITEC massage, aromatherapy and refelxology certificates. Also my Hot Stone Massage and Advanced Clinical Massage Certificates from Jing Institute of Advanced Massage Training. Displaying my cerificates reassures clients that I am a qualified therapist. I don’t want to clutter the wall so my additional cerficates are in a folder and can be looked at by clients if they request it.


My massage table is an Earthlite Luna. For the comfort of clients during their massage or reflexology treatment, I have a heated blanket to keep clients warm. I also cover it with a printed African Kente fabric and a towelling couch cover.





This is the set up for my Hot Stone massage sessions. Basalt stones are heated in water and kept warm using a slow cooker. I use a lamp to shine into the slow cooker so I can see the stones as the room is dimly lit during a treatment. The stones are dried on a towel before being used on the client.




I keep my oils in this wooden cabinet. There is an oil burner on top for scenting the treatment room with essentail oils. The wooden stool beside it is for clients to put their clothes or behind the treatment room door.






This is a close up of the wooden stool which is from Ghana. The symbol between the base and the seat is an Adinkra symbol meaniing “Chain Link” and represents unity and human relations.






Below is the set up for a Chavutti Thirumal (massage by foot pressure) treatment. I use a rope suspended across the room from the ceiling to hold onto for support whilst using my feet to give the massage. When not in use the rope is tied up in the corner of the room. The Chavutti Thirumal Massage is done with the client laying on the floor. The client lies on a towel beneath a duvet. I use oil from a small dish to dip my toes into.













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