Massage for runners

Do you run for fun, exercise, or are you currently training for the London marathon, Race for Life or one of the many other running events that take place throughout the year?

Whatever your reasons for running you would benefit from regular massage treatments that pay particular attention to your legs.

Massage can help to prevent injury. You may notice that you have a few niggles or aches and pains, if these are not addressed they may lead to a full blown injury. An injury is the last thing you need as it could mean taking time out of your training schedule and may prevent you from taking part in the actual event that you’ve trained so hard for.

If you are already injured massage can help speed up your recovery process. Some injuries are bought about by overuse of a particular muscle or muscles. Overuse injuries often result in sore, painful and inflamed muscles. Massage can help to reduce the initial inflammation that leads to an overuse injury.

As a word of caution do not have a deep tissue, remedial massage or sports massage less than a week before your running event. The reason for this is that at this stage the muscles need to be building up an abundance of energy in preparation for the event. Having deep tissue or remedial work at this time will cause the body to repair and heal which will use the energy reserves needed for the event.

At some events there are massage therapists providing massages for runners before the start of the event. These are ok to receive as the techniques used will focus on warming up your muscles. A massage the day after the event will help your overworked muscles to relax and help them to recover faster, also don’t forget that it will make you feel good too.

Other things to consider when training to avoid injury include wearing the right running shoes, stretching and using the correct running techniques.

You don’t need to be a runner to benefit from a focussed leg massage. You may be feeling an ache or pain in your knee which is sometimes caused by tightness in the hamstrings or quads. Also a cause of pain in your feet may be caused by tightness in your calves.

If your are in training then good luck with your running schedule and if you would like to book a treatment or ask any questions then please call on 020 8771 8960 or 07981 827 929 email me via the “Contact Me” page.

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